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Demon Seed - creating Fire City: King Of Miseries

Over on his blog, Graham Edwards has scored an exclusive interview with the creative team behind the striking short film Fire City: King Of Miseries.

Tom Woodruff Jr - the short's director - is no stranger to cinematic fantasy. As a make-up and visual effects artist, he worked on - amongst many othersPredatorStarship Troopers and Jumanji. Woodruff was Oscar-nominated for Alien 3's visual effects, only to be beaten to the Academy Award by Death Becomes Her -  which he had also worked on. One year, two nominations, one win - pretty damn impressive to have on your CV.

The atmospheric King Of Miseries short will act as an introduction to a planned trilogy of feature films. The first - Fire City: The Interpreter Of Signs - will have a Kickstarter funding campaign launched later this month, tied in with the production team's appearance at Comic-Con in San Diego. This is only the beginning of a journey to what the producers plan on being a multi-platform franchise.

Co-writer/co-producer Brian Lobocki: "Our original intention was to only come up with an idea and make it ourselves. The “multi-platform franchise” came out of the idea itself after we realized its scope, not before. We just wanted to make a web series at first. We brought together what we loved most from our respective genres: horror/fantasy and thriller/action/noir. By the end of the lunch, we had the core concept, a main character, and a title: Fire City. Only as we began to build the world out, create our demon clades (species), assign attributes, develop histories and connect our strange physics to the physics we all know and love did we realize this world was a lot bigger than a web series and could support quite a lot of content: films, video games, comic books and graphic novels, demon detective stories, TV series, web apps, a 91-card demon tarot deck, and on and on."

You can read the full interview over on Graham Edwards' blog. You can follow progress on the Fire City project on their official website and via their Facebook page.