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The Talented Mr Rebhorn

I was sorry to read over the weekend that veteran character actor James Rebhorn had passed away.

You may not recognise the name but you'll know the face - particularly his hawk-like profile. During his career, Rebhorn appeared in many films and TV series - most recently, playing the concerned father to CIA operations officer Claire Danes in HOMELAND. Amongst his many big screen credits were such notable successes as SCENT OF A WOMAN, INDEPENDENCE DAY, MEET THE PARENTS and THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY.

Probably my favourite Rebhorn performance was as the glib CRS employee in David Fincher's THE GAME. Rebhorn manages the mental and physical tests on Michael Douglas, as Douglas is being inducted into the bizarre game of the title. It's not a huge role but Rebhorn's few scenes are key to the plot; there's an enjoyable one late in the film where Douglas ambushes Rebhorn's character during a family trip to the zoo and forces him to reveal the truth behind the ominous CRS corporation.

It's always a joy to be watching a film and have a character actor like James Rebhorn appear. He was one of those reliable artists who could be depended on to deliver just the right performance for the project he was working on. Even if the film itself ended up being a disappointment, Rebhorn was never less than a delight. He will be missed.