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Loving The Alien

To misquote Karen Carpenter: rainy days and Mondays - and hearing about the death of David Bowie - always get me down.

I'm not good enough a writer to sum up in a blog post the icon that was - is - David Bowie. It's like trying to condense the glory of the Grand Canyon into a single tweet or distilling the euphoric rush of your first love onto a Post-It note. Bowie's contributions and impact on art are immeasurable and will continue to influence it for decades to come.

I've written before about how I first discovered Bowie, so I won't cover that ground again. What I want to mention is this mixtape.

It was given to me back in the mid '80s by Linda Murrish, who I used to work with at Exchange & Mart magazine. Linda was a huge Bowie fan and was amazed that my knowledge of the Thin White Duke only extended to the Let's Dance and Tonight albums, plus a handful of singles. It was time to educate me about the wider world of Bowie. Linda skilfully put together a mixtape of album tracks, B-sides and rare mixes and presented me with it. I listened to that mixtape repeatedly back in '86 and it was that cassette that turned me onto Bowie.

I don't listen to cassettes any more. Most have been thrown out by me over the years but I've kept back those that mean something special to me. Linda's tape is one of those. A quick rummage in the loft and there it was. I lost contact with Linda many years ago but I wish that today - of all days - I could thank her again for making this tape and making me aware of the genius that was 

David Bowie - RIP. It may be Monday but I'll love you till Tuesday...and every day after that.