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The Last Picture Show

It's finally happening. The best cinema theatre in the world - for my money - is to sell its last bag of popcorn, show its last trailer and project its last film.

Three years ago, I raved about New York's Ziegfeld Theatre for being the best place anywhere to see a movie. I mentioned that there were already rumblings it was going to close. Now those rumours have become fact. The Ziegfeld will probably see out its days as a cinema with the film currently showing - STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. There are worse movies to bow out with.

When you're allegedly losing a million dollars a year, the closure of your business becomes inevitable. Despite the movie palace glamour and high standards of projection, audiences just weren't going to the Ziegfeld. In a few weeks, the shutters will come down and after extensive redevelopment, the former Theatre will reopen in late 2017 as an upscale space for corporate galas and events.

Fade to black tie...