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The Time Traveler's Wife

I really didn't want to see The Time Traveler's Wife (out today on DVD and Blu-ray from Entertainment In Video). The last time-travel love story I saw was the sickly-sweet Somewhere In Time, so the idea of watching Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams looking gooey-eyed at each across the decades didn't frankly appeal.
Bana is cursed with a gene that sends him slipping across time with little or no notice. He first meets McAdams on one of his time jaunts when she's a six year old and then again in the present day when she's all grown up. They fall in love, despite his being chronologically challenged. However, after their marriage, their attempts to have a baby are constantly thwarted by the foetus disappearing during the pregnancy - the time-travelling gene is being inherited. Then, to complicate matters...

I'm going to stop here. When it's written down like this, the story of The Time Traveler's Wife is clearly ridiculous and the film is riddled with lapses in logic. However, it's a testament to director Robert Schwentke that he makes the film as enjoyable it is. He's aided in this respect by screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin, who has neatly adapted Audrey Niffenegger's bestseller - probably no surprise, as Rubin also wrote the equally illogical but great fun Ghost. Eric Bana - not an obvious choice as a romantic lead - is very convincing in the difficult role of the traveller but Rachel McAdams isn't quite as impressive. There's also some gorgeous photography from Florian Ballhaus, which really sparkles on the Blu-ray version.

So, put aside any reservations you might have and give The Time Traveler's Wife a go - I think you'll like it.